Cramps at night of Restless Pain Syndrome – How to prevent Leg Cramps during Pregnancy

Cramps do happen everywhere and unfortunately strikes any time. However, in the case of a big chunk of the population suffering from persistent cramp attacks, causes leg cramps in
bed absolutely happen.
Leg cramps in bed at night

This situation is a very irritating one not only for the concerned person but for a partner who sleeps in the same bed or for the whole household as some people suddenly wake up screaming and cursing in the middle of the night when almost all people are already fast asleep.

Other than the shouting and profanity, leg cramps are also uncertain when it comes to how long they last. Some will just occur in less than a minute while others persist for a very long and agonizing ten minutes.

In addition, the degree of pain and tolerance for each individual and every cramp attack varies.

A person can already be considered lucky if he is able to sleep despite the pain but there are just the unfortunate who have to deal with insomnia and daytime sleepiness. Consequently, performance at work is affected and even relationships can be strained.

Statistics will tell you that leg cramps in bed pose a very dangerous problem to the workplace and to the health of an individual; that is why it is best to stick to some general guidelines to prevent leg cramps from creeping into one’s life.

Practice a healthy lifestyle. This is definitely applicable to any ailment but to further stress the point, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are determined as contributors to leg cramps.

These harmful substances alter the normal and natural conditioning of the blood that circulates in the body; specifically these elements displace the electrolytes needed in the body for balance.

An imbalance or disruption in the normal values of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium will result to cramps. So, eat healthy and drink healthy.

In addition to healthy eating is exercise and most commonly, an injury sustained from overexercising or not stretching prior to the exercise is very connected to the cramps one experiences.

Therefore, between the inhales and exhales, stretch to condition those muscles. And remember, anything done in excess is harmful. You will all have the succeeding days to exercise.

For the pregnant women, it is understandable to experience leg cramps because of the bulging belly pressuring the uterus.

What is very important to remember is to make sure that it will be advantageous to assume a proper posture and not leaning back because of the great tendency to sprain the spinal cord and then later radiating to the legs.

During pregnancy, it is important to religiously take your prenatal vitamins as these supplements help in blood circulation as well as nerve stimulation.

Another preventive measure worth sharing is to make sure that you do not impede blood circulation by crossing your legs. Although it looks sexy, it might as well be a reason for you to cry during the night.

Additionally, choose comfort over fashion whenever possible. This is to categorically state that clothes that constrict are certainly harmful for you at some point and the same applies to ill-fitting shoes.

Leg cramps in bed cannot be totally prevented but having some pointers will really be helpful.